Nashville & Brentwood Water Extraction Techniques

Based in the Nashville-Brentwood communities, AccuWorks uses state-of-the-art water extraction equipment and drying techniques to ensure that all of their clients have had all the water and moisture removed from their home. We use professional grade extraction vacuums that have the ability to reach water even under layers of carpeting and padding. Or extraction equipment can also remove water from cracks and crevices to ensure complete drying.

Once the water has been extracted, AccuWorks begins the professional drying process. Moisture needs to be removed quickly to prevent mold and fungus spores from taking root in the building. We will bring in professional drying equipment and dehumidifiers to ensure that all the moisture is removed.

During the final drying process our service techs will begin using moisture detection equipment to ensure that all areas of the structure are dry. These high tech detectors will find even the smallest amount of moisture in your home. Our drying process will not be complete until there is no water or moisture detected in any area of the structure.

Once our water extraction and mold damage techniques have been carried out, well begin the drying process. After the drying process is complete, Nashville-Brentwood based AccuWorks will begin a thorough evaluation of all the damage that occurred due to the flooding event. Everything from the structure of the building to the electrical outlets will be examined. If AccuWorks is treating for fire damage at this time, smoke and soot removal will begin. Once damage is evaluated, the restoration project can begin, starting with the treatment for mold. All of this can only be accomplished once the water has been completely removed.

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