Nashville & Brentwood Water Damage Removal Service

As a full service water restoration and damage company, AccuWorks offers the following services:

• 24/7 Availability: AccuWorks understands that emergencies do not happen on a schedule. Our technicians are available around the clock, even on holidays, to provide you with water restoration services.

• Water Damage Restoration: We offer complete water restoration services. We will extract standing water, professionally dry the building, evaluate damages, perform mold remediation, and begin the restoration project to bring your home or business back into pre-event condition.

• Storm Damage Restoration: Storms can cause significant damage in very little time. Our team of expert technicians will come to your home or business as soon as the storm subsides and begin storm damage restoration so that your home or business can be operational again.

• Fire Damage Restoration: Fires will cause extensive damage. However, smoke damage and water damage from putting out the fire often causes more damage than the fire itself. Our Nashville-Brentwood full service water restoration and damage team are fully equipped to remove all the water and perform restoration services as well as smoke odor removal. Smoke stains and leaves an offensive odor unless professionally cleaned with specific chemicals. Our techs have the ability to remove smoke odor and soot grime from the property so that the home or business can be completely restored.

• Mold Remediation: If your home or business is experiencing mold growth from a previous flooding event, we can help. Our techs know how to remove mold and prevent it from returning. Following all of the latest industry guidelines and using professional grade solutions, we can remove mold from any structure. Nashville and Brentwood communities will benefit from our full service water restoration and damage solutions provided by AccuWorks.

• Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning: Part of our restoration service includes upholstery and carpet cleaning. Our clients have been so pleased with the outcome of these services that we are now offering it as a separate service. Using professional grade cleaners and water extraction devices, our techs can restore the beauty to your carpet or furniture with ease.

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