Signs That You Have Mold In Your Home

Brentwood and Nashville homes experiencing mold infestations usually begin in an area that has recently been subjected to water or is damp and dark. Since these places are often out of sight, mold infestations may be difficult to detect at first. However, there are signs that you should look for that will indicate that you have a mold problem.

• Musty Smell. A musty odor is usually the first sign that you have a mold problem. You may not even be able to see any mold at this point. If you are smelling mold, or what many believe mildew, there is a serious chance that you have mold growth in your home.
• Black Stains. Black stains will begin to appear in areas where mold growth is rampant. These stains may come from either side of the wall. These stains will spread very quickly and begin to cover a significant amount of area. This is black mold and it must be removed from your home.
• Water Leaks. If you have been dealing with water leaking into your home, you can almost guarantee that there is mold growth. Once repairs have been made to the building to prevent further water seepage, you will need to have the structure treated for mold.

The health risks associated with black mold growth are very serious. For these reasons it’s imperative to utilize Brentwood-Nashville based AccuWorks’ mold infestation and water damage removal services. If you believe that you have any mold growth in your home, you should seek professional assistance in having the infestation removed and treated to prevent further growth. This is the only way to stop mold from continuing to destroy your home and endanger your health.

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