Nashville & Brentwood Mold Remediation

Brentwood-Nashville based AccuWorks’ mold remediation treatment is the process of removing, eliminating and preventing mold growth. AccuWorks has specially trained technicians that are experienced in the removal and treatment of mold. Our remediation process is very thorough and ensures that once a home or business is treated, mold growth will not return.

The first step in the process is to remove all moisture from the area. Mold needs moisture to thrive. Once the moisture has been removed and any necessary repairs to keep moisture out has been completed, AccuWorks will begin to treat the mold.

Mold treatments will include identifying the infected areas. Once identified, the removal of any affected building materials must be removed. Washing these items will not prevent future mold growth. Drywall, wood, carpeting, and some metal materials will need to be replaced if mold is found attached to these items.

Once the mold has been safely removed from the area and disposed of properly, Brentwood-Nashville based AccuWorks will begin to chemically treat the home or business for mold. These professional grade chemicals will destroy all remaining spores and prevent future mold growth. This is essential to the mold remediation treatment success.

After the treatments have been applied, the repairs will be made. Additional cleaning of the area may also be required. When all of these treatments have been completed, AccuWorks will conduct an air quality test to make sure that there are not any mold spores present. At that time, your home or business will be considered mold free.

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