Nashville & Brentwood Black Mold

Black mold, also known as toxic black mold, is a fungus that spreads by emitting spores into the air. Black mold consumes any type of porous materials and requires moisture to reproduce. Black mold has been associated with many different types of illnesses and is the leading cause for Sick Building Syndrome. For these reasons, Brentwood-Nashville based AccuWorks can deploy professional black mold remediation and water damage service solutions for your small or large property.

Black mold will grow at an exponential rate if it is left untreated. Mold growth can continue to replicate indefinitely. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended that any black mold found within a living or work space be removed professionally and treated to prevent health hazards.

Sicknesses associated with black mold infections include:

• Increased asthma attacks and severity
• Onset of asthma in people who did not previously have the condition
• Respiratory illnesses
• Persistent sneezing, coughing, and sore throats
• Red, itchy, watery eyes
• Sinus infections
• Headaches that will not cease
• Skin irritations and rashes
• Symptoms of fibromyalgia

All of these health conditions will worsen over time if the mold is not properly remove and the structure is not properly treated for mold. AccuWorks black mold remediation and water damage solutions will benefit the surrounding Brentwood and Nashville communities.

AccuWorks offers a complete mold remediation service that will locate, remove, and treat any mold infestation that you may be experiencing in your home or office. We follow all industry standards for treating and removing mold.

If you believe that you are experiencing a mold infestation, or you have recently had a flooding or water damage event in your home or office, you are encouraged to have a mold inspection performed on your structure before the mold can cause structural damage and health problems for the occupants.

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