Nashville & Brentwood Basement Flood Clean Up

A Nashville or Brentwood flood in your basement can be a nightmare. This area of your home is the very foundation of the structure. Water and mold damage in the basement can lead to significant physical damage to the home if left untreated. Additionally, the basement of any home is the perfect place for mold growth to begin because mold can grow without interruption. AccuWorks Nashville and Brentwood water restoration services are especially necessary if you have experienced basement flooding.

Once the water has been pumped out of the basement, our technicians will carefully enter the area to make an evaluation. Depending on the flooring in your basement, we may immediately begin to extract water from carpeting and upholstered items. If the floor is bare or tiled, we will evaluate how much moisture remains to begin the drying process.

AccuWorks will examine all of your flooring and lower wall areas to determine if there are any cracks that could cause damage to your foundation. We will also evaluate any electrical outlets, boxes, or equipment to determine if they have moisture damage or have been submerged in water. These can pose a very high electrical fire risk in your home and will need to be replaced immediately.

Depending on the condition of the area, we will begin to dehumidify and professionally dry your basement. Once our moisture detection equipment shows that there is no longer any moisture in the basement, we will begin the cleanup process. This process begins with treating for mold and mold prevention. Once the mold remediation is complete, cleaning and repairs will be made. When we have completed our mold remediation, and flood damage cleanup, your Nashville or Brentwood home basement will be restored to pre-event condition.

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