Nashville & Brentwood Water Damage Inspection

Water damage and mold remediation to Nashville and Brentwood homes can cause extensive harm to any structure. Its ability to get into small cracks in walls and flooring can help it cause even more damage than what the eye can see. Our professional water damage inspection solutions carried out by our technicians will evaluate all areas of your home for water damage by inspecting the following:

• Inspect all flooring in the home to determine the extent of damage and if the flooring needs to be replaced.
• Inspect all drywall, baseboards and doors in the home for water damage. Any drywall that has been wet will need to be replaced. Wooden baseboards and doors may be able to be professionally dried and saved.
• Kitchen cabinets, inside and out, will be examined for damage.
• Electrical sockets will be checked to see if water entered them or if there is excessive moisture in or around these outlets. This can pose a fire hazard.
• Bathrooms will be completely evaluated because of the potential for excessive mold growth in these areas.
• Depending on how high the water came into the structure, other areas of the home will also be inspected for water damage.

If you’re in need of water restoration because of a fire, we will also:

• Check the ceilings and entire walls for water damage and moisture.
• Conduct a smoke and soot evaluation to determine the best ways to remove them from the home.

All of our water damage and mold remediation inspections will include an evaluation for mold and mold removal. Mold can set into a home within hours of a flooding event. We will check all areas for potential mold growth and set out a plan for mold remediation on the structure to prevent any mold growth in the future.

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